Uke Can Do It

Gone are the days of learning how to play the recorder in these music classes at Covington, Hometown and Kolmar in District 123, thanks to a grant from the Ed Foundation. Barbara Ellingson, a music teacher in the District, submitted the request for a grant after winning ukuleles for one of her music classes through an online contest.

“I didn’t want to teach one of my classrooms, I wanted to teach all of my students. So I was really excited when the grant was accepted and I was able to get ukes for everyone,” she said.

Once the instruments were here, it was time to hand them to the students and get strummin’ but these students are learning more than melodies.

“There’s math in music, there’s science, all of that, this really reinforces everything they are learning in their education,” said Ellingson.

The music instructor is thankful for the new opportunities students will get after this grant.

“Sometimes music gets put on the back burner because we are so busy with other subjects, which are very important too. But to have this support is really exciting for me,” she said.

The Ed Foundation awarded Ellingson $1800.00 for the Uke Can Do It project.