Hometown Parent Day

Students at Hometown Elementary had even more fun than usual this past Friday as their parents were invited to share the school day with them. Nearly 150 parents took part in the Bring Your Parent to School Day hosted by the elementary school.

“Family engagement was a big element of our School Improvement plan for this year. We believe that the more involved parents are in their child(ren)’s education, the more successful the child is. We want our parents to feel comfortable here at Hometown and feel as though they have a solid understanding of their child’s education. Family engagement events such as this also help families and school staff to build a genuine rapport with one another, ensuring a team approach when it comes to meeting students’ individual needs,” said Principal Katy Spreitzer.

Parents and Grandparents in attendance enjoyed having their student take them from class to class and walk them through a typical school day. One grandparent spoke about how visiting her grandson will help her be more specific when asking about her child’s day.

“I will never ask my grandson again ‘How was your day at school.’ Instead, I will ask him specific questions like, ‘What books did you read today?’ or What did you learn in science today?'” she said.

The school hopes to plan more events to keep families involved.