Weekend Adventures with Buster Bear

Ms. Weber's Class with Buster Bear

Ms. Weber’s Class with Buster Bear

Each Friday one student in Theresa Weber’s first-grade class at Hometown gets to take Buster Bear and his journal home with them for the weekend.

It’s hard to imagine all the things Buster Bear has done through the years and all the places he has traveled.

For 18 years of teaching, I have always had a Buster Bear. Over the years, I have had to retire them and replace with a new bear. I believe this is now the 5th bear, said Weber.

On Monday mornings, the student “host” reads from Buster Bear’s journal and tell us all about his adventures. The memories made with Buster are then turned into a book for students.

“We post this on Class DOJO and when we finish a journal, it becomes a class book. The kids always say how much they will miss him and how much fun they had! It is a great opportunity for them to be involved in a long-standing tradition,”said Weber.