Summer School Transforms into Hogwarts

The good Slytherin team works to complete their Gringott Marble Run

The good Slytherin team works to complete their Gringott Marble Run

All are welcome to the 9 3/4 station just past the solid brick wall and into the world of the all-new Harry Potter District 123 Summer School Class.

“My son absolutely loves Harry Potter and all the books he’s been begging to go to a Harry Potter camp the last few summers but they all are either too far or too expensive. So this year I decided to make one up. I gathered information from other teachers who had done it and really went from there,” says Mrs. Devine.

The concept appears to be taking off, young wizards have been hard at work building a marble run inspired by Gringotts, playing Quidditch outside, decorating wizard wands, and have even tried Butter Beer, a classic from the books.

“Making our projects and participating in challenges has been my favorite. I loved making Butter Beer because it had ice cream in it! We’ve had so much fun,” said Zoey.

To bring the books to life the classroom is split up into the four houses from the book, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

“They are really enjoying the social aspect of the class and how their common interest plays out. The students come from all different backgrounds but it has been wonderful to see friendships form from their love of Harry Potter,” said Devine.