Opening Institute Day at District 123

2017-2018 District 123 Staff

It was back to class for District 123 faculty and staff today as Opening Day kicked off!

More than 400 District Administrators, Faculty and Staff gathered at Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School to celebrate the past year’s achievements,  the accomplishments of our staff, and look toward the new school year.

“I love Institute Day,” said new Principal of Sward, Candy Kramer, “There is such a fresh energy in the air and so much excitement.”

Numerous members of the District 123 staff received recognition for their service. Honors of the day included the following:

Celebrating 10 years in the District:

  • Jillian Bleski                                        Teacher                                    OLHMS
  • Rose Brutus                                        Custodian                                Covington/Hometown
  • Rob Corbett                                         Custodian                                Kolmar
  • Dana Edie                                            Teacher                                    OLHMS
  • Katherine Guerrero                             Teacher                                    OLHMS
  • Michelle Holesha                                Lunchroom Supervisor           Sward
  • Samantha Karczewski                         Teacher                                    Covington
  • Michelle Malone                                 Curriculum Facilitator             District
  • Anne Marie McGovern                       Principal                                  Hannum
  • Shannon Mural                                   Teacher                                    Kolmar
  • Deanna Vittorio                                   Lunchroom Supervisor           Hometown
  • Steve Ohlrich                                      Maintenance                            District
  • Leah Post                                            Teacher                                    Kolmar
  • Judi Raybould                                     Lunchroom Supervisor           Hometown
  • Molly Rodriguez                                 Teacher                                    Kolmar
  • Lisa Schiestel                                      Teacher                                    Sward
  • Sahar Shehaiber                                  Teacher                                    Hometown
  • Robert Strickland                                Teacher                                    Hannum
  • Kristy Underwood                              Teacher                                    Covington
  • Cheryl Young                                     Teacher                                    Kolmar

Celebrating 15 years in the District: 

  • Kim Blitek                                           EC/Transport Secretary           Kolmar
  • Mary Doran                                        Teacher                                    OLHMS
  • Barbara Ellingsen                                Teacher                                    Covington/Hannum
  • Kathleen Harrington                            Teacher                                    OLHMS
  • Carey Jensen                                       Teacher                                    Sward
  • Kathy Karakas                                    Teacher                                    OLHMS
  • Cynthia Kolasa                                    Speech Pathologist                  Hometown
  • Deb Lathus                                          Administrative Asst                District
  • Virginia Lazinek                                  Media Specialist                      Hometown/Hannum
  • Alicia Rylko                                        Lunchroom Supervisor           Sward
  • Rosalind Reyes                                   Curriculum Facilitator             District


Celebrating 20 years in the District:

  • Victoria Conner                                   Teacher                                    Hannum
  • Marie Omiecinski                                Administrative Asst                District
  • Sharon Sheehan                                  Teacher                                    Hometown
  • Laura Small                                         Teacher                                    Covington
  • Genowefa Tylka                                  Custodian                                Sward

Celebrating 25 years in the District:

  • Gary Cambron                                    Custodian                                OLHMS
  • Amy Abbott                                        Teacher                                    Sward
  • Michael Fisher                                   Teacher                                    OLHMS
  • Mary Giovanazzi                                 Teacher                                    Hannum
  • Teresa Loch                                         Teacher                                    OLHMS
  • Joy Kipp                                             Building Secretary                   Hannum
  • Sandy Rizzo                                        Teacher                                    Sward

Celebrating 30 years in the District:

  • Linda Wojciechowski                          Teacher                                    Hannum
  • Mary Malinowski                               Custodian                                District Wide
  • Catherine Baumann                          Hardware Manager                 District Wide
  • Pam Strahorn                                    Media Specialist                      Sward/Kolmar

Celebrating 35 years in the District:

  • Julie Allen                                           Teacher                                    OLHMS