District 123 Water Testing Results

The district recently conducted water testing for lead in our school as required by a new Illinois state law passed in 2017. District 123 is pleased to report that no lead was detected in any of the drinking fountains throughout buildings.

The new state law requires all Illinois school districts to test water fixtures used for drinking or food preparation in buildings constructed prior to 2000. While The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “lead action level” is 15 ppb (parts per billion), the law requires school districts to notify families of any water fixture that tests more than 5 ppb for lead.

Providing a safe and healthy learning environment for our students and staff while maintaining the  community’s resources and buildings, the district chose to go beyond the law’s requirement and test all water fixtures. District 123 contracted with Weaver Consultants Group and Suburban Laboratories Inc., an Illinois EPA-accredited laboratory, to complete its testing.

While most of these additional water fixtures also tested less than 5 ppb, the District has addressed any that exceeded this level. As of January 23, 2018, all water fixtures exceeding 5 ppb have been taken out of service and are undergoing repair or replacement. The District will be retesting these fixtures to ensure that they fall below 5 ppb.

Complete test results for each building are available below. Test results include all District 123 water fixtures, including those not used for drinking or food preparation, as well as two unique test samples for each fixture. Additional information about lead in drinking water can be found at https://www.epa.gov/ground-water-and-drinking-water/basic-information-about-lead-drinking-water.