District 123 Honored as Google for Education Reference District

Oak Lawn-Hometown District 123 has been named a Google for Education Reference District, just one of six school districts granted the honor in Illinois. The program invited schools and districts to enter based on their ability to demonstrate vision and thought leadership through their strong adoption of Google for Education technology to drive positive learning outcomes.

“At Oak Lawn-Hometown School District 123 technology serves as a vital conduit and accelerator for helping students learn how to learn. We aim for students to be immersed within an educational context that promotes contemporary literacies, building modern foundational skills through content exploration, and the creation of experiences that foster insatiably curious thinkers and determined problem solvers,” said Chief Information Officer, Joseph Macchia. 

Schools with this distinction are considered educational innovators and asked by the Google for Education program to share their experiences, learnings, and best practices with others. D123 will be listed in Google’s directory of schools across the country that can be contacted for “Show & Tell” site visits that will help other districts leverage technology through their systems.

“The largest outcomes have come in terms of the type of work students are doing each day. The ability for our staff members to connect different ideas together with a suite of technology is inspiring to watch. The work is more authentic and individualized because of the flexibility built into the platform. It has allowed our faculty to become more responsive in the classroom and our administration to use data and influence culture in more meaningful ways. Our journey with Google thus far has empowered us all with a set of tools that help the entire learning community share and build upon on the learning of each other. With the tools at our fingertips we have continued to ‘learn today for a successful tomorrow’,” said Superintendent Dr. Paul Enderle.

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