D123 Summer School

Last week nearly 600 students ranging from 3 years old to 8th grade, stepped through the doors of Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School for summer school.
“District 123 offers the only summer program like this in the surrounding area. We not only include students that need additional support and interventions, we also offer the most motivating and engaging classes around with Mornings at the Middle School,” said Sarah McIntyre.
Summer school offerings aren’t just the typical school subjects learned throughout the school year. Classes centered around sports, exploring and STEM curriculum allow the students to learn more through what they are already passionate about.
“If learning is fun, it will be more effective.  Having fun in learning has a positive effect on motivation with students.  When students have fun, they will always come back for more!  Students can take a hockey class all the way to a STEM engineering class.  Ignite Math is set up as a blended learning experience,” said McIntyre.
Each class is designed to help students retain the information they’ve learned throughout the previous school year and prepare them for the next one.
“Many children forget some of what they have learned from the school year, during the summer months.  With our Summer Programs, students are offered the opportunity to never stop learning! Our classes are taught by our amazing D123 staff, who are dedicated to making all of the learning engaging and relevant,” said McIntyre.