Buddies at Hometown Make for a Better Day

4th Grade Buddies playing "Moving to Music"

4th Grade Buddies playing “Moving to Music”

FREEZE … GO! Charlie Rowe exclaims to the class as he starts up Justin Timberlake’s hit “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and it’s true, as these kids run around the Hometown multi purpose room you can’t stop the feeling of fun and joy they’re having. This is the Hometown School Buddy Adaptive P.E. Program.

“This really gives CASE Students a chance to interact and have fun with their peers which many of them don’t have outside of lunch. The activities are designed around the student’s needs in order for them to grasp the concepts and get that physical activity needed,” said Rowe, and Adaptive P.E. Teacher.

After seeing how well the program worked in high schools, Rowe developed a way to bring the gym classes to a younger set. Different games like Moving to Music a game where students run until Rowe yells “Freeze,” then start again when he says “Go,”, and Oscar the Grouch, where students toss around “trash” or softballs into a large bin while the Grouch tries to throw them out, are popular among the class.